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Louie Miller's NFC Miller's Desert DustThe Greater St Louis Brittany Club was founded by Ray Trimble and Roy Quick in the late 1950's.

Click to view writeups of the first two licensed field trials of this club, in 1961 and 1962. One is written by Ray, the other by Louis Miller.

 Ray Trimble's NFC Crab Orchard Jet

Take a look at some of the great champions of the past, two of which were founder Ray Trimble's. Ray owned and handled the 1963 National Champion, NFC Crab Orchard Duke, and the 1986 National Amateur Champion, NFC Crab Orchard Jet -- and Ray is still at it. Making the transition from foot handling days, Ray looks more at home on a horse than just about anyone. Besides his current active participation in our trials, both competing and judging, Ray has become a legend in the Brittany world. He is a Life Member of the American Brittany Club, a member of the Bird Dog Hall Of Fame, and recipient of the AKC Lifetime Achievement Award -- the first pointing dog man to receive this honor.

The Club is proud of its National Champions, the most recent of which was Dave Capstick's NFC Farther Out Ace, handled by Chad Holman in the 2003 ABC National Open All Age Championship.

Another National Champion was NAFC RJ's Brandy Sniffer, owned and handled by Rick Meyer. Rick no longer trials, but runs a horse farm east of Troy, IL

Bill Dierberg, who has still been active in field trialing, owns the other National Champion from our club, NAFC Gun Runner's Far Out. His offspring are running in our club to this day.

NFC Farther Out Ace  NAFC RJ's Brandy SnifferNAFC Gun Runner's Far Out

There have been some near misses, too. In 2004, Ray Trimble handled Brisco Buddy Boy to 2nd in the Amateur Nationals and finished his Open Championship in 2005. A cover picture of Bill Kunz's great champion Steppin Out Jackpot graced the cover of Pointing Dog Magazine in 2005.

The Greater St. Louis Brittany Club established two awards in honor of two greatly admired early members of the club.One of these is the ROY QUICK AWARD. Roy Quick was a co-founder of the club and the Award consists of a traveling trophy and a plaque on which the name of the winner of the Fall Amateur All Age stake is engraved. The list of ROY QUICK AWARD winners since 1990 contains many great dogs.

The other award is in honor of RUBY TRIMBLE who contributed greatly to the success of the club during its early years, prior to her untimely demise. This award consists of a plaque with the name of the winner of the Hour All Age (Originally Open Limited All Age) inscribed. Award winners with owners and handlers to 1990 are listed below:

Club founder, Ray Trimble, at the Greater St Louis Brittany Club's Spring 2005 field trial

Roy Quick Trophy - 2007 Winner was KT's Arctic Gladiator, o-Dennis/Lori McClary h-Tim Self



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